Banking Law

We display a global mind-set and work seamlessly
across a vast list of practice areas.

The expertise and experience of our firm lawyers in the field of Banking Law provides the safeguards to ensure the best legal representation of our clients, as well as high quality services and comprehensive legal coverage in Banking Law cases both when it comes to settling them out of court or before trial. We provide specialised legal advice on matters related to loan agreements and debt settlement arrangements in any credit institutions, covering in general the whole spectrum of banking services and activities.

Furthermore, we can assist you with legal guidance and representation on the above issues. Our Law Firm, with an extensive experience in Banking and Finance related issues, offers legal advice to both lenders and borrowers on matters related to the control and preparation of financing projects for natural and legal persons, businesses and projects, the provision of banking facilities and the restructuring of debts. We provide legal support and advice on corporate and tax issues on a permanent basis and we have experience in offering services on issues of daily corporate operations, duty stamping and the proper drafting up and execution of documents as well as all legal aspects of these activities. We have the skills to provide legal advice and proofreading and editing services to ensure the accuracy and validity of legal documents.

Our main concern is the constant briefing of our associates so that, based on the legislation, case-law and complex financial tools, they can provide the clients of our law firm with innovative solutions, addressing the ever-changing conditions of society and the market. The interest of our clients and the success in their activities in a safe and effective way is of great importance to us.

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