Immigration Law

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Our Law Firm, based on the many years of experience of our skilled lawyers, specialises in all matters pertaining to Immigration Law in Cyprus. In recent years, there has been an increase in the quota of immigrants in many European countries and especially Cyprus, since its location is ideal both for residence and work purposes, resulting in major waves of immigration and consequently immigration law.

Furthermore, due to the corporate and commercial facilities provided to foreign companies, a large number of foreign investors choose Cyprus as the headquarters of their companies and, by extension, the exercise of their business activities. Immigration Law is governed by the Aliens and Immigration (Amending) Law of 2011 (No. 153(I)/2011), regulating all matters applicable to immigration law, as it aims to ensure, through the Laws and its Regulations, the fundamental rights which are of increasing significance at both community and international level. Our Law Firm is in position to provide high quality legal advice and services to both natural and legal persons on matters pertaining to: Advice and representation through all the procedure for an application in relation to the Cyprus Investment Program, Visas and Work permits for managers or people who work in Cyprus or Foreign Companies, Advice and representation in relation to the procedure for Naturalization following the fulfilment of the requirements relating to the duration of legal residence in the Republic, Temporary residence permits under the visitor or employee status & Immigration permits on the basis of the categories referred to in the Aliens and Immigration Regulations, including the fast track procedure for obtaining immigration permit according to Regulation 6(2).

Our associates undertake the guidance and counselling of our clients regarding the type of documents required to secure the appropriate legal residence permit. Furthermore, they are in constant communication with the client, informing him/ her on the examination procedure of his/ her application. Our Company’s preponderant concern is the continuous information and briefing of our associates on all aspects of Immigration Law so as to provide high quality and effective legal advice and services.

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