Shipping and Admiralty Law

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The Shipping and Admiralty Law constitutes a separate field of law pertaining to matters relating to marine questions and offenses. It includes both the national law applicable to maritime activities and the international law governing the relation between private bodies operating on ships in the oceans. Despite each national legal system having its own legislation governing maritime issues, the shipping and admiralty law depends to a great extent from international law, including several multilateral agreements. It deals with issues related to maritime trade, navigation, shipping, sailors and maritime transport of passengers and goods. Maritime transport was one of the first channels of trade and the rules for resolving disputes related to shipping were developed early in world history.

Our firm specialises in this field, providing services and advice, assistance and legal representation both in judicial and extrajudicial fields of the Shipping and Admiralty Law. Indicatively, we undertake the establishment and legal support of shipping companies in Cyprus, mergers and purchase/ sale of shipping companies, registration of ships, yachts etc., drafting of shipping agreements, assistance in the financing of ship ownership, damages for loss or damage to cargo and goods, disputes, legal representation in court cased in the Naval Court, as well as tax issues related to the maritime sector.

Our law firm has an extensive experience in this field and provides services on maritime law issues through the appropriate associates, qualified and trained in the management of all aspects of Shipping and Admiralty Law. Our main concern is the constant briefing of our associates on maritime issues as to provide our clients with responsible and reliable services in the safest and most effective way.

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