Intellectual Property

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Intellectual property is the right that the legal order confers on the creator of patents, trademarks or copyrighted work to benefit from their own work. The term intellectual property defines or better specifies the entire set of rules governing this right. Historically, three reasons made it necessary to register the protection of intellectual property by means of an international convention.

The first reason was the unequal treatment of foreign creators of original work in many countries. The second reason relates to the fact that many Legislative Provisions did not adequately protect creators of original work, either because the birth of the intellectual property right was subject to various formulations, or because they imposed many restrictions on that right. The third one was the frequent uncertainty about the law that had to be applied when the creator or work was associated with more than one country.

These three reasons led to an international convention signed in Berne in 1886 and which was subsequently amended, supplemented and/ or revised by other international conventions.

Our office has undertaken and dealt with cases with regard to the protection of intellectual property and in particular we provide services in areas such as: Intellectual property and copyright protection of creators (authors – artists), Registration of international trademarks, patents and industrial designs, Protection of Cypriot trademarks and patterns, Representation in court cases concerning the infringement of trademarks patents and copyright in general & Opinion on intellectual property and copyright protection issues.

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