Litigation and Arbitration

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Court and arbitration proceedings concern the proceedings for resolving disputes of an economic or other nature between legal or natural persons. The procedure followed to establish the criminal liability of a natural / legal person charged with committing a criminal offense also constitutes a court proceeding before the Criminal Courts of the Republic of Cyprus.

Court proceedings (litigations) are governed by rules regulating the proceedings before the Court and seek to protect parties and persons who appeal to the Courts for the settlement of their disputes, as well as the fair and effective legal process for the final settlement of any dispute.

The purpose of the Court is to safeguard the proper administration of justice, while the responsibility for this achievement is borne by the lawyers handling each court case. It is common for personal and professional relationships to end up in disagreements that the parties fail to solve amicably. As a result of this occurrence, the parties seek legal advice by experienced and qualified legal advisors who can solve any possible disputed issue that may arise from such relationships.

The fact that our law firm has many years of experience in various fields of law in combination with the great number of court cases dealt with over the years, makes our lawyers experts in effectively and successfully handling our clients’ court cases.

The services provided by our law firm extend to the areas of criminal law, family law, accidents, civil law, commercial law, labour law, contract law, land law and property law. Our main concern is the timely and successful handling of our clients’ cases, as well as the proper guidance and consultation of our clients, with achieving the best possible result for them being our ultimate goal.

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