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The immovable property law dates back to the Ottoman occupation, while various existing testimonies support that the Cyprus Land Registry was founded around 1850. The pivotal change of the Immovable Property Law had taken place with the arrival of the British in Cyprus around 1946, effect date of the Immovable Property Law (Tenure, Registration and Valuation) – Cap. 224, amended since 41 times and still in force today. Immovable Property Law deals with various issues such as the purchasing and selling of property, the rental of immovable property, the use of property and the management of immovable property of aliens. The qualified team of Lysandrou, Florou LLC is in position to provide high quality legal advice and services both in and out of court on all matters pertaining to the Immovable Property Law.

Based on the stable recovery steps of the Cyprus Economy, a recent development was observed in the market and the sale and purchase of real estate. Both the geographical location of the peninsula and the various benefits offered to the general public (i.e. Cyprus Citizenship) constitute the driving force in the development of the purchasing and selling of property in Cyprus.

Our Law Firm, staffed by experienced lawyers and real estate specialists, provides immediate and effective legal advice and services to both natural and legal persons and specific services that deal with issues such as: Conclusion and study of agreements for the purchase and sale of real estate, Conclusion and study of agreements for transfer of immovable property, Property management for non-residents, Conclusion and study of agreements for lease and rental of properties, Cypriot and international trusts, Property management and drawing up of testaments, Services relating to the transfer of immovable property, registration of documents and other relevant land registry services. Furthermore, Tax services relating to immovable property, Preparation and submission of applications to the relevant authorities for the issue of licenses on the acquisition of immovable property are additional services our firm provides legal advice on.

Our philosophy is based on the principles of thorough information, training and education of our associates so as to provide practical and effective solutions to any issue that my concern our clients, thus building a relationship evolving around trust.

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