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Sports are a significant part of our lives, contributing to our entertainment, health and relaxation from the intense and onerous pace of everyday routine. Moreover, it promotes social interaction and strengthens relationships, thus enhancing team spirit and cooperative skills. As a result, states encourage the development of sport and protect this and the smooth operation of sports activities at a global level. However, the rapid commercialisation and dissemination of sports among citizens and in particular, professional sport requires the involvement of law in situations where disputes arise between the parties, namely between athletes or between clubs.

The world of sports, in an effort to address the problems arising in the sport society, has established rules regulating and governing sport activities and events both at an individual, collective and national level. This system constitutes the current legal order for sport and sporting activities in general. Our law firm, through its extensive experience in the field of sports law, has undertaken and dealt with many cases before the Cyprus Football Association (CFA), the Sport Supreme Judicial Committee of the Cyprus Sports Organisation (CSO), FIFA judicial bodies, the Judicial Committee of the Cyprus Basketball Federation and the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS).

Moreover, the expertise of our law firm enables us to undertake the establishments of sports clubs and federations of sports of any nature. We also carry out operations related to the preparation and inspection of legal records regarding the sport activities of our clients, such as professional agreements for the employment of professional athletes, transfer agreements and/ or rights agreements.

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